An Unexpected Journey

Not long ago we asked for your prayers for clear vision and direction. Thank you for praying! Your prayers, and ours, have been answered. God is leading us to Albania!

Jesus has provided an exciting opportunity for us to serve at the GDQ International Christian School in Tirana, Albania. Len will put his almost-completed Masters of Education to use through administrative duties as Middle School/High School Principal. Betsy will step into teaching Middle School Bible classes and will also coordinate Lower School Chapels.

GDQ  was founded in the fall of 1993 to support the efforts of the evangelical Protestant missionary community in Albania by providing a Christ-centered, academically enriching international education. Currently, about 75% of the student body are the children of missionaries serving in Albania and the remainder represent expatriates involved in the international business sector. Students and staff represent more than fifteen different mission sending organizations and come from Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America. The vision of the school is to instill in students a God-honoring Christian worldview so they might have maximum influence for the glory of God in and through their lives.

Albania itself borders the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro. A long and complex history, including centuries under the rule of the Ottoman Turks, ended with Albanian independence in 1912. Following World War II, Albania emerged under communist rule that lasted until the 1990s. During those years, Albania was declared an atheist state and all centers of worship were closed. Today, Albania and its population of 3 million boasts freedom of worship, with fifty-seven percent of the population identifying as Muslim and the remainder as primarily Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic or nonreligious/undeclared. Evangelical Protestant Christians make up less than 1% of the population. Ministry at GDQ International Christian School  will allow us the great privilege of joining in the efforts of those bringing the Good News of Jesus to the people of Albania.

Please continue to pray for guidance at each step, for God’s’ abundant provision, and for our hearts to be open to all He has in store for our future as we follow His call to Albania.

If you want to partner with us on this journey by providing financial support, through either a one-time donation or ongoing support, please visit one of the links below. We can’t do this without you!

Len and Betsy Phillips at World Gospel Mission

Len and Betsy Phillips at TMS-Global (missionary ID #0514)

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Followers of Jesus, serving in obedience to the Great Commission to go to all the world, to make disciples, to invite others into the Kingdom, and to teach obedience to God's Word.
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