As we all know, a takeaway is a point (or more than one) that we remember after hearing a message, reading a book, listening to a podcast, or arising from a discussion. It’s the idea we remember. Granted, it’s easy to come away from any form of communication with no takeaway at all! Just ask pastors how many members of their congregation can tell them what they preached the preceding week! I hate to think how many chapel messages I shared with elementary students that were forgotten by the time they got through recess. 🙂

But today I wanted to share with you a “takeaway” I wrote about recently. This is my takeaway from the past 18 months as we’ve transitioned to this season of life and ministry in the USA. We’ve not made a perfectly seamless transition nor have we perfectly defined how our current Special Assignment with the Global Resource Team of The Mission Society will work. But we are exceedingly grateful for the doors God has opened for ministry and look forward to all He has in store for 2015 as we continue serving through educational ministry opportunities.

So here’s a link to my article on the Seedbed website. Let me know what your takeaway was from my takeaway! Feel free to comment here or send me an email at len.phillips@wgm.org. I would love to hear from you!



About lbphillips

Followers of Jesus, serving in obedience to the Great Commission to go to all the world, to make disciples, to invite others into the Kingdom, and to teach obedience to God's Word.
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1 Response to Takeaways

  1. Miguel y Vivian says:

    Saludos y que Dios les continue Bendiciendo.
    Deseariamos verlos de nuevo.


    Miguel y Vivian

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