A Weekend in Mexico

That’s right. Len recently spent a weekend in Mexico. But it wasn’t to escape the winter weather and head to a resort or vacation spot. No, he traveled south of the border to spend eight hours on a Saturday teaching church leaders a course on Wesleyan theology. As part of our ministry through the Global Resource Team of The Mission Society, we want to support the educational ministries of missionaries currently serving on various fields. Mark and Serena Dunbar are World Gospel Mission missionaries living and ministering in Saltillo, Mexico. Part of their work involves coordinating several centers of theological education for the national church. It was a blessing for Len to be invited to be a part of this ministry, to spend time with the Dunbars (friends and fellow missionaries we served with during our time in Honduras), and to see how God is raising up godly leaders for the church in Mexico. You can read more about Mark and Serena’s ministry here – http://missionscentral.wordpress.com/2014/07/10/discipling-others/

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Followers of Jesus, serving in obedience to the Great Commission to go to all the world, to make disciples, to invite others into the Kingdom, and to teach obedience to God's Word.
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