His Presence and Peace


Praying for open doors

On the evening of the first day of the week, when the disciples were together, with the doors locked for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!”                        John 20:19

There is no lock, no closed door, nothing that can bar the presence of Jesus. Not fear. Not even death and grief. No, for once Jesus’ presence was made known to the disciples, joy replaced all else. And His presence brought them peace.

So, too, we have experienced His presence and His peace, even though we began our school year grieving the loss of one of our students. Miriam was in Kindergarten last year, with two older siblings also in the Lower School. This summer, after a brief but serious illness, Miriam died. Her family flew home to the Netherlands for the funeral and burial, returning to Albania in early September. Last week, GDQ International Christian School held a Celebration of Life service to remember precious Miriam.IMG_5565 We all felt the presence of the Lord sustaining, comforting, granting peace in the midst of pain. Our community – children and parents, students and teachers –  wept together with her family and proclaimed together the hope we have in Jesus Christ. We’ve now set apart a special place to remember Miriam at school, to remember the joy her life brought to so many. Please pray for her family in the coming days, that the presence and peace of Jesus would fill their hearts and lives each day.

We began classes August 28. Len continues to split his days between the high school and K-8 campuses as Head of Secondary. He is also taking a more active role in guiding High School chapels this year. Betsy is enjoying teaching Middle School Bible and leading Lower School chapels once again, as well as being involved with the Middle School youth ministry, ELEVATE. Though it sometimes seems the door to some students’ hearts are closed, we know Jesus is at work in their lives. They are hearing His word day in and day out and hearing testimonies of His presence in the lives of teachers and classmates. Won’t you join us in praying that God’s presence and peace would overcome their doubt, questions, stubbornness, or fear?

Thank you for walking with us through the doors of ministry God has opened in Albania!

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Followers of Jesus, serving in obedience to the Great Commission to go to all the world, to make disciples, to invite others into the Kingdom, and to teach obedience to God's Word.
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