Miles and Ministry in Mexico

Mexico! It’s a relatively short flight from Atlanta to Monterrey, but we still put in our share of miles (or rather, kilometers) traveled during our eight-day trip.

Mark and Serena Dunbar picked us up at the airport and drove us back to their home in Saltillo – and what a home it is! The aptly-named “WOW” house is a beautiful and spacious ministry center God provided for the work in northern Mexico. While we were there, the center was used to host a visiting work team from Iowa as well as to host a theological education by extension class. It’s a blessing under a red-tiled roof! (Sorry, I didn’t get a photo!) Saltillo itself is a beautiful and modern city, as you can see from the above photos.

The day after we arrived, we, along with the Dunbars and their summer VIA (Volunteer in Action), Brianna, climbed into their car to head south. The highway infrastructure is impressive, as are the rest stops offering Papa John’s, Subway, Church’s Chicken and delicious typical Mexican fare. Lots of tollbooths though!

Our first stop was at a church pastored by Dany and Carminda Pineda. The Pinedas were students at the El Sembrador Bible Institute in Honduras when Len served as Director and Betsy taught classes. After graduation, they ended up pastoring the church in La Esperanza, Honduras, which we attended. For the last number of years, they have been ministering as missionaries in Mexico. What a joy to see how God has blessed them, along with their two sons, with a fruitful and growing ministry in Queretaro!

Our next stop was Irapuato (self-proclaimed strawberry capital of the world), where we ran in to Dennis and Twana Johnson, who had brought three of their grandchildren to see where they had lived and worked for several years. We caught up over a lunch of delicious taquitos!

That evening we were part of a meeting of church members from Irapuato and Leon who are interested in starting a Christian school. Len led them through some thought-provoking questions on vision, mission, goals, and finances. We will be excited to see how God helps them realize their dreams!

We made our way back up north to Saltillo on Tuesday, a trip made a bit longer due to some unexpected tire problems. But we made it back in time to shop and prepare for the arrival of the work team on Thursday. Friday was an excursion day that led us to beautiful waterfalls and through some incredible canyons.

On Saturday, Betsy taught a course on “The Christian Family” to students in the theological education program in northern Mexico. These men and women commit to a three-year course of study, taking ten classes each year, in order to prepare for ministry. Len also taught during the day, leading our devotional time and covering part of the material. We were impressed by the thoughtful discussion and exemplary presentations and projects each student provided.

We are thankful for open doors for ministry God provides while serving as Professional Resource Consultants with The Mission Society (on Special Assignment from World Gospel Mission). Who knows where He will lead next?



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